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Depressed, Anxious, Overwhelmed &
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Located near Boulder, Colorado, on a 100-acre retreat campus in the majestic Rocky Mountains, Insight Intensive at Gold Lake is the first short-term* therapeutic residential program specifically designed to address the range of issues and difficulties affecting young men ages 18 to 26 today. Our participants are capable young men, but are in need of clinical services, mentoring, coaching and life-skills. They are unprepared for the challenges and responsibilities of early adulthood due to the lack of competence, confidence and clarity which are necessary for success in college, work and an independent lifestyle. They may have emotional and behavioral issues related to depression and anxiety as well as addictive issues with substance use and abuse, gaming and internet use. At Insight Intensive, we prepare young men for independence using a comprehensive, integrated approach that supports the whole person's development.

*The participant’s typical length of stay is 4 months and is dependent on their individual needs.

The Problem

More and more young men are in trouble within the first year of college. Others are graduating from high school, therapeutic schools and other treatment programs who are under prepared for the challenges of college, work, and independence. Often they are living at home with their parents instead of effectively moving forward into the rigors of early adulthood and they struggle with depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, and compulsive or addictive behaviors.

The Solution

Beginning with a clear and realistic “Life Plan,” Insight Intensive provides each participant with a personalized, goal-oriented program of therapeutic mentoring, individual, group, family therapy, peer support, health and wellness, recovery support, life-skills training and academic or vocational preparation. We prepare young men for a confident entry into college or work with either independence or supported living.

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Our program is designed to work with a small population of participants and our staff to participant ration is one of the best in the industry. We are available to speak with you to answer questions, discuss your son or client and to schedule a campus tour at your convenience. Please call (877.952.1444) or email us today to learn more about our program.